Friday, June 17, 2011

compare o padrino

derp derp derp
Who's that creepy shadow in the back...
little Kat. I tried to draw you as cute as the pictures I've seen of you but there's no way I could capture all of that, aaaah
we were pretty cool orphans in stolen clothing, yup

Can you tell I put effort into this one?

bleh.  Yeah ignore this last one; I didn't have references.  They look dumb.  Sorry, guys...

Also, I'm not really sure about the title.  According to wikipedia,
Mafiosi of equal status sometimes call each other "compare", while inferiors call their superiors "padrino".  Both are Sicilian terms for "godfather".
but "compare" looks like it could be "compadre" misspelled. 
but compadre is Spanish, not Italian
derp derp derp derp whatever

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