Wednesday, March 9, 2011

and sometimes

I draw Roman warriors?
I really do not know what their armor and weapons looked like.. orz  I doodled this in AP Bio (filled in the background with Photoshop later on to make him stand out) and there aren't very many reference pictures of Roman warriors in Biology classrooms, so
I really want to learn anatomy!  I've been practicing a little, but it's very sporadic because of school and my tendency to go on the internet and suddenly lose a few hours to the black hole it is.
So yes...


  1. I like how you use the different colored pens!
    and yessss romans. I love romans. ahahahah

    you should get an anatomy book! I saw a bunch in this little book store/coffeeshop in LA. they had this whole section on art. pretty cool stuff. a bit expensive though...

  2. ahahahaha art history?
    and yess i really want an anatomy book.. I have one somewhere, but it's more of a medical student's "learn every single part of the body yay" book than one about how all the parts look like and fit together and /move/ haha it's great for drawing stiff people accurately at least?
    expensive but would pay off! (i hope..!)

  3. lol no I love romans because of latin.

    the anatomy books that I saw just had pictures of naked people in them. so it wasn't really muscles and stuff, although there might have been some like that. more of a life drawing book. nude models. probably not the thing you want lying around in case someone finds it out of context and is like "IS THIS P0RN?!!?"

  4. oh wait maybe those weren't anatomy books. I think they were life drawing books. or figure drawing books. or whatever.
    ahaaa, I know my art stuff......

  5. ohh figure drawing would be nice... i kind of want to take a class in college. i think it would help a lot because my knowledge of anatomy is pretty.. scattered and blah, ahaha