Thursday, January 27, 2011

successful sharks

One day i randomly said that I liked sharks.  Two classes later, my friend Kat handed me this:
successful. sharks.
and I guess I am in the process of creating human designs for them because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
there are taxes shark and fiscal policy shark
I'm gonna re-draw the boss shark
and we have a loan shark in the makings, too :)
taxes shark again because I like him

probably more to come later if finals don't eat me next week yayy
also Kat is here and she is. amazing.


  1. ahh these are lovelyy. the designs look really good.
    about taxes shark's hair color, it could totally be grey if you really wanted it to be! like an anderson cooper silver/white ish. he's young and he's got that hair color. ahahah

  2. ohh that guy haha yeah i do like grey better for taxes shark.. :)
    and thanks! i'm hoping my love for these guys lasts beyond two weeks. if they can survive past two weeks before i grow bored of them then they're set as original characters for me hahaha
    i also wanted to do one for a salamander because. i just like salamanders